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  • Summer 13
    Mini Maker Faire, Reciprocal Admission, NS Savannah Field Trip
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  • Spring 13
    Collections Corner: AN/CRT-3 Transmitter, Robot Fest, Staff Spotlight
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  • Winter 13
    Volunteer Spotlight, Message from the President, Collections Corner: SCR-299
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  • Fall 12
    Scenes from around the Museum, What is it?, The 2012 International Microwave Symposium
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  • Winter 12
    Vacuum Tube History,New Board President,In Memoriam - Bill Thompson and Gary Ryan.
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  • Fall 11
    MTT-S Microwave Symposium,TIROS,In Memoriam - Noel Peterson and Ted Saad.
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  • Summer 11
    STEM outline,USS John Brown, NEM welcomes Lena Harding, TAM-5.
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  • Spring 11
    Robot month,ESSA exhibit, Micro-miniature TV, Vibra-bots, Museum store.
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  • Winter 10
    AN/SPG-55 arrives,Volunteers 2009, NEM welcomes new board members, YESS roundup.
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  • Summer 10
    NEM says goodbye to Stan Lebar, 2010 RobotFest, XAF base moves outside.
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  • Spring 10
    XAF update, volunteer spotlight, oral history recap, views of big winter storm.
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  • Summer 09
    Pioneer Camp pictures, temporary exhibit to honor Francis Gary Powers, electronic music comes to NEM, Stitzer reports from IEEE symposium, meet the scholarship winners, volunteer spotlight.
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  • Spring 09
    US Navy radars coming to museum, meet the new staff, Robotfest 2009 a huge success, plans for new gallery are complete.
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  • Summer Fall 08
    Museum announces name change, NEM celebrates NASA and Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose, hosts Second Annual Pioneer Camp.
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  • Spring 08
    Museum dedicates the Giant Wurzburg, Robotfest, XAF arrives.
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  • Fall 07
    Roland Anders looks back on his first year as BOD president, the 2007 Robert Dwight scholarships are announced and the museum receives a big face lift.
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  • Summer 07
    Another historically significant radar is headed to the National Electronics Museum, the XAF, the first USN shipboard radar. The museum hosted the first Pioneer Camp for kids 8-10 years of age.
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  • Spring 07
    The National Electronics Museum launches the redesign of the Fundamentals Gallery, Roland Anders assumes the mantel of President, and the museum announces the hiring of a new Assistant Director and an Education and Outreach Director.
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  • Fall 06
    The National Electronics Museum announces the winners of the 2006 Robert Dwight Scholarships in this issue. The Wurzburg radar antenna begins its journey across the country and Steve Stitzer ends his third and final term as President of HEM.
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  • 06/1/06 - Reflections, Spring 2006, Volume 16 Issue 1
    In this issue HEM announces the acquisition of the FuG65 Wurzburg Reise or Giant Wurzburg radar antenna, Ted Foster recaps the 2005 Young Engineers and Scientist Seminars, and we remember H. Warren Cooper.
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  • 10/1/05 - Reflections, Fall 2005, Volume 15 Issue 2
    Learn how scientists in 1955 envisioned life in 2005 as Steve Stitzer reviews a back issue of Modern Electronics. The saga of the museum's TPS-43 is told as we track the amazing changes to the outside of the museum.
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  • 12/1/05 - Reflections, Winter 2005, Volume 15 Issue 1
    In this issue we welcome our new Director and Assistant Director. The feature article takes look back on the successes of the 2004 YESS seminar.
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The National Electronics Museum is organized into thirteen related exhibit galleries:
1. Fundamentals Gallery
2. Communications Gallery
3. Early Radar Gallery
4. Cold War Radar Gallery
5. Modern Radar Gallery
6. Countermeasures Gallery
7. Under Seas Gallery
8. Electro-optical Gallery
9. Space Sensor Gallery
10. Past Gallery
11. Web Gallery
12. WWII Radar Kiosk
13. Cold War Radar Kiosk

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