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In 2008 the Robert L. Dwight Scholarship, honoring the founder of HEM, was changed from $2500 to $3000 for each recipient. The scholarship was awarded to two upper classmen engineering students, one at the University of Maryland at College Park and one at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC).

The scholarship winner at UMBC was Charles Hebert, a junior working toward a degree in mechanical engine-ering. During his college years he has been involved in a number of team efforts to design and build types of robots.

.Charles Herbert


On one project his team’s solution was selected to represent Maryland at the World Competitions. Last summer Charles worked as an intern at Cardinal Scientific, Inc. There he used solids modeling techniques and CAM technology to produce production level drawings prior to fabrication of a communication van.


Jennifer Donaldson is receiving the scholarship at the University of Maryland in College Park (UMCP) . She is a junior studying aerospace engineering and hopes for a career related to space exploration. She came to College Park after two years at Montgomery College where she maintained a 4.0 grade point average. Last summer Jennifer worked as a co-op at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and will return next summer. Her assignment was studying the possibility of using signals from the existing GPS satellite constellation to navigatespacecraft located at greater distances from the earth. Since GPS signals are beamed toward the earth, only weak signals resulting from antenna side lobes are available in outer space. During a tour of our museum Jennifer was very interested in side lobe suppression applied to radar antenna design.

  For more information at UMCP contact the Office of the Dean

  For more information at UMBC contact Dr. Ted Foster.



The National Electronics Museum is organized into thirteen related exhibit galleries:
1. Fundamentals Gallery
2. Communications Gallery
3. Early Radar Gallery
4. Cold War Radar Gallery
5. Modern Radar Gallery
6. Countermeasures Gallery
7. Under Seas Gallery
8. Electro-optical Gallery
9. Space Sensor Gallery
10. Past Gallery
11. Web Gallery
12. WWII Radar Kiosk
13. Cold War Radar Kiosk

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