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Under Seas Gallery
Although submarines date back to the Civil War, their effectiveness was limited until acoustic energy was exploited in early SONAR systems. Since then, acoustics has been employed for locating underwater submarines, tracking and overtaking torpedoes, communication, and imaging of underwater objects and features. While it is difficult to achieve these objectives using sound, it is the only type of energy that propagates far enough in the water to be useful. The Underseas Gallery contains a variety of photos and hardware illustrating the development of SONAR devices used for locating, tracking, and imaging.

In this Exhibit:
  • Fundamentals of underwater sound transmission
  • Air-dropped sonobuoys
  • Interactive demonstration of passive and active underwater sounds
  • Display of antisubmarine warfare systems and future Bow Conformal SONAR arrays
  • "Shadowgraph" towed vehicle for imaging mines using acoustics


The National Electronics Museum is organized into thirteen related exhibit galleries:
1. Fundamentals Gallery
2. Communications Gallery
3. Early Radar Gallery
4. Cold War Radar Gallery
5. Modern Radar Gallery
6. Countermeasures Gallery
7. Under Seas Gallery
8. Electro-optical Gallery
9. Space Sensor Gallery
10. Past Gallery
11. Web Gallery
12. WWII Radar Kiosk
13. Cold War Radar Kiosk

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