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YESS Program


The Young Engineers and Scientists Seminar (YESS) program for high school students, funded by a grant from Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems, is a project-based program to help students understand how scientists and engineers perform their jobs. In four evening sessions from October through November, students are introduced to various scientific disciplines by researchers from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, the Northrop Grumman Corporation, and others. 


The program is led by Dean Sheridan and Nicholas Formica, Glenelg High School.  In addition to presentations there are hands-on projects during each of the sessions. The series of programs culminates with a project presentation. The winners, chosen for the performance and cost of their project, share over $2000 in prize money.

New this year is our Summer Yess program. This is a four day program for 6th - 9th grade students where students will learn the engineering method by focusing on one project. Students will form teams, submit designs, test ideas, and build thier projects. Summer YESS runs June 26 through Friday, June 29, 9am-1pm each day.

For more information about the YESS program, contact the YESS Coordinator.  Better yet - check out the website http://www.yessnem.org.


The National Electronics Museum is organized into thirteen related exhibit galleries:
1. Fundamentals Gallery
2. Communications Gallery
3. Early Radar Gallery
4. Cold War Radar Gallery
5. Modern Radar Gallery
6. Countermeasures Gallery
7. Under Seas Gallery
8. Electro-optical Gallery
9. Space Sensor Gallery
10. Past Gallery
11. Web Gallery
12. WWII Radar Kiosk
13. Cold War Radar Kiosk

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