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Westinghouse Superconducting Rotor
In 1972 Westinghouse successfully tested the most advanced generator of its time. Using niobium-titanium windings cooled with liquid helium, the 5 MVA Utility Generator proved the feasibility of super conducting power generation. This directly lead to the design of the larger, more efficient generators we see today. NEM has the opportunity to preserve the heart of the system, the rotor containing the super conducting coil and cooling chamber.

At 2.5 meters and weighing over 450 kilograms, the rotor requires special handling to transport from its current location in Massachusetts. We would like to complete the move before 15 April. You can help us save this significant piece of history by supporting our travel and transportation costs. The total project cost is $750.00. To contribute, fill out the form on this page and select "Rotor" for your donation purpose.

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