The museum is open today (9/22/22) through Saturday our normal hours, but the majority of our main parking lot is blocked for construction. There are a few spots, but additional parking, which we share with Northrop Grumman, is available in the lot at the end of the building. The pedestrian walkway is clear for use.

Help Keep NEM Open

NEM needs your help to remain open and operational.

The museum is required to move from our current location by March 2023 and one of our major donors made a funding decision directly impacting museum operations. For us to continue our mission at a new location, we need to raise funds not only to move but also to remain operational in the near future.

Our immediate goal at NEM is to remain open to the public at a limited capacity as we work towards finding a new location and seek new funding to remain operational beyond 2023.

We are appealing to our supporters for help. Monetary donations are critical to funding our current operations and for our future survival. Any amount you donate will be used to continue the NEM mission:

  • To promote and encourage the study of STEM
  • To collect, preserve, exhibit, and make available for research various artifacts, documentation, and publications
  • To inspire visitors with an appreciation of the evolutionary milestones of electronics

Please contact us if you would like to help in other ways to continue this mission. You may be able to help with

  • Fundraising efforts
  • Share your contacts
  • Spread the news
  • Volunteer

The NEM vision began in 1980, to preserve and display the history of electronic engineering and to inspire the next generations of engineers. Throughout the years we added a robust education program to bring the wonder of electronics and engineering to thousands of students. Let’s continue this legacy and contribute to the museum as many of you have already, through your time, energy and dollars.

Please help the National Electronics Museum to remain open and operational.

The survival of NEM is a team effort.

Help us by joining that team.