Library & Archives

In addition to historic objects, the museum collects, preserves, and provides access to books, manuals, journals, documents, and photographs in support of the museum’s mission. The museum’s Library contains approximately 14,000 titles about radar, radio communications, electronic development, military history as influenced by electronics, and amateur radio. There are monographs, technical and training books, journals, videos, and other publications.

The library is organized by topic to facilitate browsing. A database searchable by title and author is available by appointment with museum staff.

The library is not able to lend out materials.

Published materials include
• Proceedings of the IEEE
• Rad Lab Series
• Bell Laboratories Record
• Bell Laboratories Technical Journal
• ARRL handbooks and publications
• Early radio magazines including QST, CQ, and Radio News

Manual Collection (ca 1940s – 1980s; 1000+)
Collection includes Technical Orders, Parts Lists, and Operating Instructions published by the military to instruct personnel in use of equipment. Most date from the mid-1940s into the mid-1960s. This collection is cataloged and has a searchable database.

Research Files (ca 1950 – present; approximately 75 linear feet)
File cabinets containing articles, publications, brochures, pamphlets, documents, and specifications covering aspects of radio, radar, airborne and ship borne fire control, space borne imaging systems, as well as historic information on the development of radio and radar. Arranged by subject.

Catalog Collection (ca 1922 – 1970s)
Approximately 200 catalogs from a variety of electronics manufacturers including RCA, Westinghouse, Hewlett Packard, and many more. These catalogs allow researchers to establish dates of availability for electronics. The collection is not yet cataloged but is available for browsing.


Westinghouse Materials (1938-1996)
Documents and photographs, original and published, for internal or public use, related to technological development and contributions of the Westinghouse offices in Baltimore and Linthicum, MD, the Baltimore Radio Division, the Air Arm Division, the Electronic Systems Division, and Defense and Electronics Systems. Includes research log books, internal publications such as “The Circuit”, FridayGrams, and “The Engineer”.

Louis Brown Radar Collection (ca 1980s-1999; 18 linear feet)
Notes, correspondence, reference documents, and drafts created and compiled by Dr. Louis Brown for his book “A Radar History of World War II”.

John Bryant Radar Collection (ca 1930-1990; 12 linear feet)
Includes notes and references on the history and development of radar accumulated in preparation for an unpublished book.

Photographs and Artwork

Photographs (c. 1938-1990s; 11,000+ images)
This collection consists of Black& White and Color photographic prints documenting electronics devices and electronic systems produced by the Westinghouse Baltimore division. Many of the images came from the Westinghouse publications department. The collection includes photographs of many of the company’s pioneers in electronic devices. It also includes numerous photographs of aircraft, as well as photographs of the facilities and some of historic nature. The collection is catalogued in a searchable database.

Alvin H. Schwartz Collection (c. 1958-1987; 100+ items)
The collection contains over 100 paintings, sketches and drawings created by Alvin H. Schwartz, an illustrator and presentation artist who worked for the Electronics Division of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation from 1958-1982. The bulk of the collection consists of oversized illustrations of various pieces of electronic equipment produced or proposed by the Electronics Divisions. These illustrations were painted on 30″x 40″ mat board using the gouache color medium. The collection also includes a number of sketches and color transparencies that were produced for the company’s brochures and advertisements.