Electronica Phantom 2020

planck epoch
exploring the unknowable……

dave vosh has been performing live electronic music since 2005 and in 8 states.  he has been fortunate enough to perform with many d.c. area stalwarts and in many venues.  his music is influenced by stockhausen, subotnick and theother 60`s experimentalists.

eduardo cervantes has extensive musical training and insights but is new to live electronic performance but is an invaluable collaborator in  “planck epoch”

Arthur Harrison is the president of Harrison Instruments, a Maryland-based corporation that designs and manufactures electronic systems for a wide range of applications, including consumer articles for electronic music. Mr. Harrison has over 40 years of experience with electronic music, and has performed on theremin for two decades. His work appears on numerous audio recordings and sound tracks, and he is considered a technical authority on the theremin, with his circuit designs implemented by electronic music enthusiasts, world-over.

Novparolo creates cinematic scores for films which haven’t even been made yet, but which just through their sonic grace conjure a thousand images. Images of wind-swept vistas, dream-like worlds, night time citystreets, ancient landscapes and far flung regions of space. It is chamber-synth-pop, but with gentle, futuristic electronica replacing the more traditional sounds and beats which seem only to guide and structure rather than drive the music. The duo have mesmerized audiences with their live performances that feature Winston Psmith on guitar and Bev Stanton on keyboard and groovebox. https://www.novparolo.com

Logan Mitchell SrSynth Tech Project https://sites.google.com/site/synthtechproject/ I’ve had an interest in Electronic Music since the late 1960’s when I first listened to the albums of Walter Carlos (Switched On Bach), Dick Hyman (The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman), Paul Bley & Peacock and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. My inspiration for building electronic music circuits comes from the late Robert A. Moog of Moog Music, Alan R. Pearlman of ARP Instruments, Tom Oberheim of Oberheim Electronics, Donald Buchla of Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments, the late John Simonton Jr of PAIA & a host of other pioneers in the electronic music synthesizer field.

Helium Road is the name of Andy’s electronic music project, currently consisting only of himself. Andy is an electrical engineer who has played bass in rock bands and other projects on and off since he was in high school. In recent years he began to start working with electronic music, first with software synths and later with analog hardware synths. A longtime fan of the Berlin School electronic groups such as Tangerine Dream and Radio Massacre International, as well as progressive and space rock such as Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, and Rush, Helium Road’s music focuses on space, ambience, and atmospheric sounds driven by pulsing and melodic sequences. 


Beau Finley is a photographer and musician from Washington, D.C.  He also performs and records as part of Destroyer of Worlds and Small Craft and runs Fuzzy Panda Recording Company.

Website: beaufinley.bandcamp.com 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smallcraftDC/

Nuclear Insect Trio – Born in Washington, DC and now residing in the Baltimore area, Frank Vanaman is the sole human member of the recording project known as ‘Nuclear Insect Trio’. His live performances are wholly improvised, and he relies on an appreciation of disparate sources such as popular music and jazz of the 1920s-1930s, the sparse electronic sounds of the 1950s-1960s and the Trautonium playing of Oskar Sala to somehow inform his experimental electro-sonic work. He will also be the first person to admit he has nearly no idea what he’s doing.

Jeff Brown – born the same year as Godzilla, and now retired from Navel Research.

After playing classical guitar for 50 years, I have been trying to achieve music that is as non-musical as possible.

If you like it, I have probably failed in my attempt.

Nutley Bros. began as the recording and video arm of those mid ought’s Western Maryland rock and roll poltroons – The Macheteros.  In the last decade it has morphed into a major producer of holistic body rubs locally sourced from all natural, farm raised, mice and frogs.