Permanent Exhibits

The National Electronics Museum has nine permanent exhibitions and one rotating temporary exhibit. The galleries display breakthroughs in electronic history in the areas of communications, radar, countermeasures, electro-optical, underwater and satellites.

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Fundamentals Gallery
  • Use our hands on equipment to generate electricity and experiment with magnetism
  • Learn how electromagnetic waves power our cell phones, cook our food, and help us see into space
  • Become part of a human battery
Communications Gallery
  • The development of the Morse telegraph and the Bell Telephone
  • Marconi's pioneering wireless experiments
  • Reproduction of an early amateur radio spark gap "shack"
  • An operational amateur radio station (operated by the Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum/K3NEM) capable of worldwide communications by voice, Morse code, digital modes, and television.
  • The AN/PRD-1 in the Vietnam War: Early in the Vietnam War Army Security Agency forces were deployed “in country” with the AN/PRD-1 Direction Finder to find and track enemy insurgents. Learn how the use of technology in war time became a battle with the technology itself.
Early Radar/WWII Gallery
  • Learn how the British built a radar to detect enemy aircraft in the late 1930's
  • See the type of radar that detected the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941
  • See the American radar-controlled anti-aircraft gun that fired shells packed with electronics to shoot down the buzz bombs launched against London in World War II
  • Read descriptions of Allied and German radars used in World War II
Cold War Radar Gallery
  • See a U.S. Navy shipborne fire-control radar
  • Learn how radar led to the household microwave oven
  • Learn how Doppler radar would be used to direct American missiles toward Soviet bombers
  • See how the Doppler effect was adapted to measure the speed of your car
  • See Air Force and Navy airborne fire-control radars
  • Learn how side-looking radars developed in the 1950's could map the ground in all kinds of weather
Modern Radar Gallery
  • A TPS-43 ground based tactical surveillance radar in an outside exhibit area.
  • An AWACS antenna including a mock-up of the radome
  • Radar tracks of incoming flights at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport
  • A hands on demonstration of phased array beam steering
Countermeasures Gallery
  • See World War II Army Air Force and U.S. Navy jamming and receiving gear
  • Hear an enemy SA-2 (SAM) missile lock on to its target
  • Learn how chaff and decoys are used to fool enemy radar
  • Examine modern multi-configurable counter measure pods
Underseas Gallery
  • Fundamentals of underwater sound transmission
  • Air-dropped sonobuoys
  • Interactive demonstration of passive and active underwater sounds
  • Display of antisubmarine warfare systems and future Bow Conformal SONAR arrays
  • "Shadowgraph" towed vehicle for imaging mines using acoustics
Electro-optical Gallery
  • See the famous Norden bombsite of the WWII era
  • Explore the inner workings of the Pave Spike system
  • See yourself in infrared!
Satellites: Transforming Our Lives Gallery
  • See a 1:1 scale model of the Boeing 702SP Satellite
  • Explore the Satellite Hall of Fame on one of several touch screens in the gallery