Oral History

From telegraph and radio to radar and satellites, the National Electronics Museum offers visitors access to the electronic marvels that have helped to shape our country and our world. This page presents a series of interviews with several who are responsible for some of those marvels. This is an ongoing project. If you think you or anyone you know should be interviewed, please contact us at nemuseum@gmail.com.

Interview with:

  1. Robert Dwight
  2. William Jones
  3. Gene Strull
  4. Wayne Fegely
  5. Walter Ewanus
  6. Ben Vester
  7. Naomi McAfee
  8. John Gregory
  9. Ted Foster
  10. Gwen Hays
  11. Herb Nunnally
  12. Robert Baim
  13. Charles Denton
  14. William Smanko
  15. Lou Meren
  16. William Gretsch
  17. Kenneth Plante
  18. Mel Hotz
  19. John Staehlin
  20. Charles Harper
  21. Jack Spangler
  22. Arthur McComas
  23. Herman Blinchikoff
  24. William Skillman
  25. Len Svensson
  26. F Suzanne Jenniches
  27. Ralph Strong
  28. Guilfred Vogt
  29. Dick Linder (typed transcript only, available by request)
  30. Wallace Hoff