School Tours & Workshops

We are not currently accepting new reservations, but you are welcome to put in an inquiry.

The National Electronics Museum offers three great choices for student field trips. Mix and match any of the three programs to create the field trip that best suits your needs
Our programs can be tailored to accommodate students with special needs. For additional questions and booking information about any of the education programs at NEM, please e-mail

For adult tours, please see our Hours & Information page for pricing and details (near bottom of page).

Guided Tour

Students will be led through the galleries to learn about telegraph, radio, radar, satellites and many more electronic marvels. There are plenty of hands on exhibits for students to explore too. This program costs $4 per student. Teachers and chaperones are free. Please allow 1 hour for this tour. Tours must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.

Hands-On Demonstrations

A brief presentation featuring the museum's hands-on demonstrations followed by hands-on learning by the students. The demonstrations highlight subjects dealing with electricity and magnetism. This program costs $5 per student for just the hands-on demonstrations or $7 per student when combined with a guided tour. Teachers and chaperones are free. Please allow 1 hour for this program. Demos must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. All of the Hands-On Demonstrations confirm with NGSS alignments. Contact for details.

Workshops and Labs

The National Electronics Museum is still operating under limited COVID restrictions. Not all of our workshops and labs are available currently. Contact the Museum for more details.

Booking and a nonrefundable payment for a workshop must be done at least 2 weeks before your group is scheduled to come.

Outreach Programs: If you can’t come to us, the Museum can bring our workshops and labs to you! There is a $0.55 per mile travel fee in addition to the cost of the Workshop. Outreach Programs must be scheduled three weeks in advance.

Grade 3 and up Workshops:
Minimum of 10 students required

Homo-Polar Motor Workshop: Build a direct current electric motor while learning about electricity and magnetism. Participants will construct the motor using copper or copper tinned wire, neodymium magnets and a standard AA battery. (45 minutes)
Workshop Cost $5.00/participant

Simple Electromagnet Workshop: Learn about magnetism, electricity, basic circuits and power sources by building a simple electromagnet using insulated copper wire, a large screw and a battery pack. (45 minutes)
Workshop Cost $5.00/participant

Nightlight Workshop: Using a breadboard, transistors, resistors and a light dependent resistor to construct your own nightlight! Soldering not required. (60 minutes)
Workshop Cost $10.00/participant

Light Bulb Interactive Demonstration: Have you ever wondered what type of light bulb is the most or least efficient in terms of energy usage? This workshop compares the incandescent bulb, the CFL bulb and the LED bulb with respect to current draw in Amperes and also how much heat is produced by each bulb type. (30 minutes)
Demonstration Cost $5.00/participant

Grade 4 and up Workshops:
Minimum of 10 students required

Simple Telegraph Workshop: Learn about series circuits and International Morse Code while constructing a simple code practice system. Participants will construct the Simple Telegraph using a clothespin as a Morse Code key, an electromechanical buzzer and a 9 Volt battery mounted on a foam base. (60 Minutes)
Workshop Cost $10.00/participant

Electronic Temperature Sensor Workshop: Create an electronic temperature sensor circuit using a thermistor, transistor and other support parts. Built on a breadboard. Soldering not required. (75 Minutes)
Workshop Cost $15.00/participant

Basic Flashlight Workshop: Construct your own flashlight using a bright light emitting diode, resistor, switch, battery and high quality printed circuit board while learning how to solder. No prior soldering or electronics experience necessary. (1 hour)
Workshop Cost $12.00/participant

Grade 5 and up Workshops:
Minimum of 10 students required

Jumbo LED Flasher Workshop: Create your own jumbo LED flasher circuit using transistors, and other support components including a high quality printed circuit board. This workshop requires basic soldering skills. (90 minutes)
Workshop Cost $12.00/participant

Grade 6 and up Workshops:
Minimum of 10 students required

555 Timer Workshop: Create a breadboard based LED blinker circuit using a 555 timer integrated circuit and other support components. Soldering not required. (90 minutes)
Workshop Cost $15.00/participant

Grade 8 and up Workshops:
Minimum of 10 students required

Random Number Generator Workshop: Construct a random number generator circuit utilizing both analog and digital integrated circuits, a seven segment LED display and other support components. Soldering not required. (2 hours)
Workshop Cost $20.00/Participant

Grades 9 and up Workshops:

Theramin Workshop: Construct a Theramin circuit which is an electronic musical instrument using an analog integrated circuit, a light dependent resistor and other support components. Breadboard based. Soldering not required. (2 hours)
Workshop cost $18.00/participant

Electronic Decision Maker Workshop: Build your own electronic decision maker circuit using a digital integrated circuit, transistors and other support components including a high quality printed circuit board. Intermediate to advanced soldering skills required. (2 hours)
Workshop Cost $20.00/participant

Fiber Optic Workshop:

Join this 5 hour weekend workshop to learn all about fiber optics technology and how it is deployed in our everyday lives. Then, build a fiber optic voice link kit to put what you have learned in class into practice. The voice link kit consists of a transmitter and receiver PC board with an interconnecting fiber optic link. A voice or tone signal is modulated by the transmitter and passed on to the fiber optic link. The receiver demodulates the signal from the fiber link and turns it back into a voice or tone based signal which is heard through the speaker. This workshop is geared for high school students and adults. Advanced soldering skills are required. The workshop is limited to 10 participants and is held on Saturdays throughout the year. Check our website for details.
Workshop Cost $50.00/participant